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In the event that there is a shutdown of the federal government it is possible that payments for Veterans benefits, Social Security benefits, Railroad pension or other payments normally received by low income families that are dependent on money issued by the federal government will not be issued.

Many low income families who receive such benefits are tenants of the Public Housing program of Stillwater Housing Authority and so use their income from federal government sources to pay their rent.  Therefore if there is a government shutdown and these families through no fault of their own do not receive their income in time to make the rent payment at the normal time, the Stillwater Housing Authority will not apply late fees for late rent payments during the federal shutdown.

In regard to families who are renting from private landlords and receive assistance through the Housing Choice Voucher program with a payment issued to the landlord based on income, because the federal payments remain expected by the families, the income based HAP payment will continue to reflect the expected income, but the family may not have yet received the money to pay rent on time.  Therefore the Stillwater Housing Authority requests that private landlords practice tolerance and compassion for affected families in the event of a shutdown of the federal government.

In regard to Housing Assistance Payments issued by the Stillwater Housing Authority that are based on money received from the federal government, the Stillwater Housing Authority maintains reserves to operate for a period of time, and in the event of a federal shutdown will continue to issue monthly HAP until reserves are deleted.

Part B of HAP Contract:

7. PHA Payment to Owner


(3) If housing assistance payments are not paid

promptly when due after the first two calendar

months of the HAP contract term, the PHA shall

pay the owner penalties if all of the following

circumstances apply: (i) Such penalties are in

accordance with generally accepted practices and

law, as applicable in the local housing market,

governing penalties for late payment of rent by a

tenant; (ii) It is the owner’s practice to charge

such penalties for assisted and unassisted tenants;

and (iii) The owner also charges such penalties

against the tenant for late payment of family rent

to owner. However, the PHA shall not be

obligated to pay any late payment penalty if HUD

determines that late payment by the PHA is due

to factors beyond the PHA’s control.


Part C of HAP Contract:

5. Family Payment to Owner

d. The tenant is not responsible for paying the portion

of rent to owner covered by the PHA housing

assistance payment under the HAP contract between

the owner and the PHA. A PHA failure to pay the

housing assistance payment to the owner is not a

violation of the lease. The owner may not terminate

the tenancy for nonpayment of the PHA housing

assistance payment.